CSCS - Piz Daint 


Resources per team: maximum 36'000 compute node hours and up to 5 TB of storage per team

Resource Access:  ssh access or interactive access through Jupiter notebooks. UI based applications can be run via x11 forwarding.

Data cube access:  Will be made available in a shared location by SDC2 organizers

Resource management: The teams have to use the SLURM workload manager. All analyses have to be submitted through jobs to this workload manager.

Software management: Participants should install their own software, but support can be requested to the CSCS support team (

Documentation: Resource access information can be hosted on the SDC2 webpage. Information on how to access Piz Daint is available at CSCS' user portal ( .

Support: Support is available via ticketing system ( Tickets response are limited to business days. Moderate knowledge of Linux and Job Schedulers is expected.

Resource location: Switzerland

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

Per user resource

Software installed

Volume of resource

GPUs if any

User access

Logging in

How to run a workflow

Accessing the data cube

Software management



Resource management


Credits and acknowledgements 

Users must quote and acknowledge the use of CSCS resources in all publications related to their production and development projects as follows: "This work was supported by a grant from the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) under project ID ###"