AusSRC - Pawsey

Technical specifications


The Australian SKA Regional Centre will be working with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre to support one (1) local team.

Technical specifications

Per user resource

all of the above will be available to 1 team

Software installed

OpenStack, SURM, PostgreSQL, VO TAP, Apache Web

Volume of resource

We can support 1 team maximum, located in Australia.

GPUs if any


User access

Logging in

Users will be given accounts to SoFiAX platform.

How to run a workflow

Through SoFiAX portal 

Accessing the data cube

Through SoFiAX portal

Software management

All software is in github repositories and deployed as containers



In the corresponding github repositories and AusSRC Confluence 

Resource management



AusSRC JIRA and github

Credits and acknowledgements 


Resources per team: VM instance with SoFiAX deployed, virtual cluster with 20x128GB/32vCPU compute nodes, shared file system 5TB.

Resource Access:  SoFiAX portal accounts

Data cube access:  The dataset will be copied onto a persistent volume mounted as a shared file system 

Resource management: N/A

Software management: All the software has been containerised, available through the tires of repositories and deployable on any platform.

Documentation: Documentation will be available on site. 

Support: Team members will be able to rise JIRA tickets to AusSRC as DC2 project

Resource location: Australia