China SKA Regional Centre prototype 


Resources per team: cluster architecture

Resource Access:  ssh credentials are sent by email to users/teams. Access must be via static IP address or VPN

Data cube access: Data cube stored in distribution shared storage, it is visible to all teams  

Resource management: Slurm for resource and job management to avoid mutual interference

Software management: Any software installation needs to be done by a superuser (administrator). It can be installed in advanced on the teams' directory. 

Documentation: Manuals with instructions available for download (inside SLURM).  CSRC-P User Manual.doc 

Support: Contacts listed in the Support section

Resource location: China

Technical specifications

Three architectures clusters are deployed : Intel x86 (multi cores), Nvidia GPU, and ARM.

data storage: After upgrade in 2020 September, the storage is expanded to a total 4.5 PB. About >2 PB is spare. 


User access

Open the accounts

Number of accounts available 


Logging in

Please, use your credentials (username and password) to login SHAO's cluster:

It is highly recommended that you reset your password at first.

You can access to do this using random password (this method is the only way to change your password by now).

Note: Prior to reset the password and login SHAO's cluster, please provide a static IP address, so that you can access the cluster in remote.

How to run a workflow

Supercomputing systems can use Slurm for resource and job management to avoid mutual interference and improve operational efficiency. All jobs that need to be run, whether for program debugging or business calculations, must be submitted through interactive parallel srun, batch sbatch, or distributed salloc commands, and related commands can be used to query the job status after submission. Please do not directly run jobs (except compiling) on the login node, so as not to affect the normal use of other users.

Resource management


Limitation of use


For support for our services, please contact us at:


Credits and acknowledgements 

If teams made use of the China proto-SRC resource in their publication, they should be asked to add some sentences in the Acknowledgements. 
This work used resources of China SKA Regional Centre prototype (An, Wu, Hong, Nat Astron, 2019, 3, 1030) funded by the National Key R&D Programme of China (2018YFA0404603) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (114231KYSB20170003).